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…that’s a whole lotta you and a side of me.

Song of the day: Carry Out: Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I do realize. I haven’t died or been living under a rock (or had my arm stuck underneath one). In fact, I’ve just been figuring out how exactly to get my life in order. I’ve just graduated and now I’m on the prowl for a well-paying job. Needless to say, it’s difficult in a struggling economy.

In exciting news, I’ve become a vegan. Yes, it’s true. I rarely ate meat when I cooked for myself before on account of it’s high price, health concerns, and my inability to cook it as well as actual chefs and my mom. I also tried to eat little dairy as I find it disturbing that humans drink another mammal’s milk. I find it unnatural. However, I still *did* eat dairy, meat, eggs, ets, etc. Now however, I’m finished completely. It’s a very exciting transition for me and I’ll see how I adjust. It’s been just over a month thus far and I have noticed a difference in my physical and mental self. my skin is clearer, I feel healthier, I have less sleep problems, and also less mood swings. However, I’m not ruling out the fact that it all could just be a mental reaction as well.

I’m weighing the option of competing in Bikram yoga. I obviously am very dedicated to the practice and I do intend to go to teacher training in the future (if I can ever save up enough money for it, that is!), but I don’t know if I’m 100% comfortable in the depth of my postures to compete. My standing head to knee is rather wobbly, as are the rest of my balancing postures. I don’t know. Time will tell.

Short post today. Much love to all!!


…just another day in paradise

Song of the day: Phil Vassar: Just Another Day in Paradise

I tried out a new restaurant with friends yesterday for lunch, and I really enjoyed it. I The ambiance was really nice, and we didn’t have to line up, even though it was Saturday. I’m not going to lie; I absolutely hate waiting to get into restaurants. I don’t care how good it is; when I’m hungry, I want to eat. Plus, the places you have to line-up for are usually small and loud, so I can barely hear the company I’m with, and you can see and hear a bunch of people at the door waiting to get in and it’s just uncomfortable. That’s why going for breakfast on weekends is usually such a hassle, despite how pleasant the actual idea of it is.

Anyway, I had a vegan tofu scramble, which was delicious. Tofu mixed up with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and spinach. Served with potatoes, a green salad, and vegan bread. I’m not a vegan, so I definitely asked for buttered toast, which was delicious. One thing I really love but rarely eat unless I’m out to a restaurant is bread. I mean, really good bread. My mom always buys a delicious asiago cheese bread that I can’t get enough of. It’s the best part of coming home for the holidays (I mean, other than the wonderful company of family and friends, of course). I’ve also recently discovered a whole wheat, cranberry, raisin bread from Safeway that’s to die for. It’s a somewhat healthified version of my childhood favourite cinnamon raisin toast and a great treat.

After lunch we all shopped a little bit downtown before my roommate and I headed down to a restaurant on the water to meet some friends for afternoon drinks. It was pretty sunny out yesterday with just a few patches of clouds, so it was great to sit out on the patio in the sun and enjoy a couple of drinks. I have to say; patios and refreshing drinks may be my favourite part of summer. Oh, and the lack of shame that comes with indulging in country music as well. The wind picked up heavily nearing the end of the visit however, and we all got chilled and did a complete 180 from having a wonderful time to wanting to leave immediately. Alas, it was lovely while it lasted.

I just got back from my morning run. It was actually pretty difficult. As I mentioned yesterday, I completely fell off the wagon of life last week and, as a result, I haven’t actually been for a run since Monday morning and, even though I consider myself to be in good shape, I was feeling the burn this morning. I had difficulty breathing and had to stop twice to walk, which is rare for me. Ahh, time to step up my game.

Much love!


PS: Can we talk about the fact that I just recently discovered that airs all the old episodes of their crap TV shows like The Hills and Laguna Beach? I’ve never even followed these shows and now I find myself addicted. It’s sad, really. I’m about to watch an episode of The City before heading downtown to meet friends.