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…we’re all red inside.

Song of the day: Fire in Your New Shoes: Kaskade feat. Dragonette

Today was a fairly good day. I got to sleep in and went for a hike and a run this morning. That was lovely. Then I had a nice lunch date with a good friend who I haven’t seen in what seems like forever (although it was actually only a week). Breakfast consisted of leftover birthday cake since it was my roommate’s birthday yesterday. nothing like starting the day off sweetly. Then for lunch I had an absolutely amazing salmon sandwhich with roasted squash and apple soup. AMAZING!

I had to work during the afternoon/evening. I had planned to go to yoga afterward, but decided I would be done too late and wanted to go to bed early. So insted I decided to go to the grocery store since my fridge and cupboards are looking bare. I’ve wanted to try zucchini spirals for awhile now, so I bought a couple zucchinis and peeled one of them up when I got home. I was inspired by this post from Darya Pino from Summer Tomato. The video was really helpful since I had no idea how to actually work with squash to make pasta.

I haven’t actually steamed the spirals yet as I wasn’t feeling a big dinner this late at night. I will probably try them out for lunch tomorrow. I’m just having an apple with peanut butter before bed.

I’m not particularly exciting today, so I aplogize. Tomorrow should be a more exciting day. I like to plan things out. Make lists and such. So I’m going to do that now. Primarily for myself, so I can really see what my day holds. Obviously, it’s not really exciting to anyone else.

5:30am: wake-up

5:45am: run

6:30am: shower/get ready

7:00am: eat breakfast (fruit?)

7:15am: catch bus to work

8:00am: work

12:30pm: catch bus home

1:00pm: lunch (zucchini spirls and pasta sauce?)

1:30pm: long run

4:15pm: shower

5:00pm: yoga

7:45pm: dinner (spinach salad?)

8:00pm: catch bus to work

8:30pm: work

10:00pm: catch bus home

10:30: sleep

Okay, it’s gonna be busy, but the majority of it is all wonderful things I’m looking forward to, so it’s all good!

Good gracious, I’m boring. Okay, gonna finish this snack/dinner and go to sleep.


Okay, so I’ll just admit it; I can’t be trusted to buy peanut butter. I have a problem in which I binge eat it. I can’t help myself, it’s addictive. I tried to stop and it’s near impossible for me. So I do my best to just not buy it.

Well, yesterday I went grocery shopping while hungry and my favourite peanut butter was on sale (Adam’s All Natural, with salt added). Well,it was just inevitable that I would uy it. And indeed, last night before yoga I had an apple with peanut butter, then after yoga I had srawberries with peanut butter, and lo-and-behold, after this morning’s breakfast (another apple with peanut butter) I had gone through my entire 500g jar. I don’t care if it’s “all naural” or not; that’s just plain disgusting. I need to stop. No more nut butter for me. It starts right now.

In other news, I got back into the swing of things with my morning run this morning. It went well, but I got a bit tired aout halfway. Alas. Yoga tonight, we’ll see if my electrolytes remain balanced or not.

… and you, you can read me anything.

Song of the day: Peter Gabriel – The Book of Love

So yesterday at yoga was terrible. I mean really terrible. I went numb. I couldn’t feel my fingers or face and couldn’t even lay with my palms upwards because I couldn’t move them. Nothing like that ahs ever happened to me before, so I legit freaked right out. I stayed in the room, but afterward I asked the instructor what in the heck was going on. My answer? Likely dehydration or an electrolyte imbalance.

Wanting to fix myself up, I decided to hit up sources of high potassium and sodium. So, for dinner I had a banana, a flax bar (which I bought from my favourite grocery store and likely won’t try again; it was far too butter-y and sugar-y for my liking), and one of these juiceboxes:

I had the mango flavour, which was delicious. I’ve also had pineapple and acai, which are also great. I’ve become a huge fan of coconut water lately, but it’s difficult to find. Particularly 100% without cane juice or other fruit juices added. Not to say that the added sweeteners make it in any way bad, I’d just like to avoid them. I’m thinking I should try hitting up China Town and seeing if there’s any in some of the shops down there.

Anyway, yoga went much more smoothly today. I skipped my morning run to keep from loosing too much water via sweat, and then took the class really easily and slowly. Albeit, my postures weren’t great depth-wise, but I felt much better throughout and didn’t go numb, which is always a positive!

I skipped out on a few opportunities to hit up some bars downtown tonight. I’m just not feeling it. Lately, with work and school piling up, I get home at night and all I want to do is crash. It’s about a quarter past nine right now and I’m feeling like I’ve been up hours past my bedtime. God, I’m an old woman at 23.

Okay, I’m going to peace out. I have to teach early tomorrow morning and I think I’m ready to jump back into my morning run-routine after the positive vibes from tonight’s yoga. Which also means I’ll have to do my laundry, crap. I may be up an extra hour. I might need a miracle for that.

Much love!!

Wake-up in the late afternoon.

Obviously, that had to be my start. It was inevitable. Truth be told, I didn’t wake up in the late afternoon. I didn’t wake up in the late afternoon at all. I set my alarm for 5:30am, just so I could somewhat prepare my body for Monday-Friday, in which I’m planning to hit up 6:00am yoga every morning. I did hit the sleep bar though, so I didn’t technically get out of bed until 7:30am.

Well, as exciting as that story was, perhaps I should stray in a different direction. I hit up yoga this morning at 9:30am. It was crazy busy, and even sweaty-er than usual as a result. At least I felt as though I got rid of some (definitely not all) of the toxins I’ve ingested since Friday.

After yoga, I had a quick lunch of salmon with strawberries and banana before I spent the afternoon lesson planning. Of course, planning got boring after a few hours and I veered in an embarrassing direction. Indeed, I found, where they have all the old episodes of their crappy reality TV shows up for viewing. Obviously, I had to watch the first two seasons of Laguna Beach, since it’s a terrible show and I’ve never seen it. So I killed a few brain cells that way before deciding to get off my butt and hit up the grocery store.

The giant jars of Adam’s Peanut Butter were on sale, so I couldn’t pass up buying one. I wanted to make pumpkin peanut butter, but couldn’t find any canned pumpkin and didn’t particularly want to go wandering to another grocery store. So I hit up the baby food aisle and decided to make do with butternut squash. It worked well, but didn’t have quite the flavour I was looking for. I wanted it a bit sweeter, so I added a banana to the concoction. Perfect! Thus, my dinner consisted of an apple with a way-too-big dipping bowl of butternut squash-banana-peanut butter. Heaven!

I’m trying to get my life in order before tomorrow morning. I haven’t finished my lesson plan and still have a ton of stuff to print out and make copies of. Plus, I have to finish all my laundry and make breakfast and lunch, since I know I won’t want to deal with them at 5:00am before yoga.

You could call us Aaron Burr from the way we’re dropping Hamiltons.

Much love,