…we’re all red inside.

Song of the day: Fire in Your New Shoes: Kaskade feat. Dragonette

Today was a fairly good day. I got to sleep in and went for a hike and a run this morning. That was lovely. Then I had a nice lunch date with a good friend who I haven’t seen in what seems like forever (although it was actually only a week). Breakfast consisted of leftover birthday cake since it was my roommate’s birthday yesterday. nothing like starting the day off sweetly. Then for lunch I had an absolutely amazing salmon sandwhich with roasted squash and apple soup. AMAZING!

I had to work during the afternoon/evening. I had planned to go to yoga afterward, but decided I would be done too late and wanted to go to bed early. So insted I decided to go to the grocery store since my fridge and cupboards are looking bare. I’ve wanted to try zucchini spirals for awhile now, so I bought a couple zucchinis and peeled one of them up when I got home. I was inspired by this post from Darya Pino from Summer Tomato. The video was really helpful since I had no idea how to actually work with squash to make pasta.

I haven’t actually steamed the spirals yet as I wasn’t feeling a big dinner this late at night. I will probably try them out for lunch tomorrow. I’m just having an apple with peanut butter before bed.

I’m not particularly exciting today, so I aplogize. Tomorrow should be a more exciting day. I like to plan things out. Make lists and such. So I’m going to do that now. Primarily for myself, so I can really see what my day holds. Obviously, it’s not really exciting to anyone else.

5:30am: wake-up

5:45am: run

6:30am: shower/get ready

7:00am: eat breakfast (fruit?)

7:15am: catch bus to work

8:00am: work

12:30pm: catch bus home

1:00pm: lunch (zucchini spirls and pasta sauce?)

1:30pm: long run

4:15pm: shower

5:00pm: yoga

7:45pm: dinner (spinach salad?)

8:00pm: catch bus to work

8:30pm: work

10:00pm: catch bus home

10:30: sleep

Okay, it’s gonna be busy, but the majority of it is all wonderful things I’m looking forward to, so it’s all good!

Good gracious, I’m boring. Okay, gonna finish this snack/dinner and go to sleep.