Okay, so I’ll just admit it; I can’t be trusted to buy peanut butter. I have a problem in which I binge eat it. I can’t help myself, it’s addictive. I tried to stop and it’s near impossible for me. So I do my best to just not buy it.

Well, yesterday I went grocery shopping while hungry and my favourite peanut butter was on sale (Adam’s All Natural, with salt added). Well,it was just inevitable that I would uy it. And indeed, last night before yoga I had an apple with peanut butter, then after yoga I had srawberries with peanut butter, and lo-and-behold, after this morning’s breakfast (another apple with peanut butter) I had gone through my entire 500g jar. I don’t care if it’s “all naural” or not; that’s just plain disgusting. I need to stop. No more nut butter for me. It starts right now.

In other news, I got back into the swing of things with my morning run this morning. It went well, but I got a bit tired aout halfway. Alas. Yoga tonight, we’ll see if my electrolytes remain balanced or not.