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Song of the day: Peter Gabriel – The Book of Love

So yesterday at yoga was terrible. I mean really terrible. I went numb. I couldn’t feel my fingers or face and couldn’t even lay with my palms upwards because I couldn’t move them. Nothing like that ahs ever happened to me before, so I legit freaked right out. I stayed in the room, but afterward I asked the instructor what in the heck was going on. My answer? Likely dehydration or an electrolyte imbalance.

Wanting to fix myself up, I decided to hit up sources of high potassium and sodium. So, for dinner I had a banana, a flax bar (which I bought from my favourite grocery store and likely won’t try again; it was far too butter-y and sugar-y for my liking), and one of these juiceboxes:

I had the mango flavour, which was delicious. I’ve also had pineapple and acai, which are also great. I’ve become a huge fan of coconut water lately, but it’s difficult to find. Particularly 100% without cane juice or other fruit juices added. Not to say that the added sweeteners make it in any way bad, I’d just like to avoid them. I’m thinking I should try hitting up China Town and seeing if there’s any in some of the shops down there.

Anyway, yoga went much more smoothly today. I skipped my morning run to keep from loosing too much water via sweat, and then took the class really easily and slowly. Albeit, my postures weren’t great depth-wise, but I felt much better throughout and didn’t go numb, which is always a positive!

I skipped out on a few opportunities to hit up some bars downtown tonight. I’m just not feeling it. Lately, with work and school piling up, I get home at night and all I want to do is crash. It’s about a quarter past nine right now and I’m feeling like I’ve been up hours past my bedtime. God, I’m an old woman at 23.

Okay, I’m going to peace out. I have to teach early tomorrow morning and I think I’m ready to jump back into my morning run-routine after the positive vibes from tonight’s yoga. Which also means I’ll have to do my laundry, crap. I may be up an extra hour. I might need a miracle for that.

Much love!!