It’s finally the weekend! Whoo!!

I had a really hectic week. Working both jobs almost every night and dealing with school and practicum everyday. So I have to say I’m glad Saturday is here. I needed Friday night like nobody’s business.

I woke-up yesterday and was low on food and money so had pumpkin-peanut butter with an apple for breakfast and a banana, apple, and a hard-boiled egg for lunch. It was nothing too exciting. Then I hit up a mid-afternoon bikram yoga class before hitting the grocery store on my way home and picking up a bunch of veggies for appies at my place with hummous, salsa, and baba ganouj. A bunch of friends came over and we proceeded to let the drinks flow and the food be served. It was much needed.

Today should be a great day. I started it nicely with a banana and vanilla almond breeze smoothie (wicked easy and delicious breakfast: one banana, a cup of vanilla, unsweetened almond breeze, and 5 ice cubes). Then I proceeded to clean up the remnants of last night. I’ll have to hit the bottle depot sometime soon; I’ll make a fortune.

Much love.